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Word Order

In Romániço, the way one determines who does what to whom in a sentence is by the order in which the words appear. In general, the person or thing appearing most immediately before the verb performs the action; the person or thing appearing after the verb is the object or complement.

Iesus constructin mea cur-vecturo. Jesus built my hotrod.
Mea cur-vecturo constructin Iesus. My hotrod built Jesus.
Mi incantin vi. I put a spell on you.
Vi incantin mi. You put a spell on me.
Cua occisin S-ro Lunlúmino? Who killed Mr. Moonlight?
Cua S-ro Lunlúmino occisin? Who did Mr. Moonlight kill?

One can also use je to mark the object of a sentence, in which case the object can appear before the verb as well as after:

Je mea cur-vecturo Iesus constructin. My hotrod Jesus built.
Je vi mi incantin. On you I put a spell.